Shemu'el Namaste

Art. Mindfulness. Curation. Facilitation.

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This is "ShemueI.XYZ" a mini doc.


I set a goal for myself when I graduated from University of South Carolina Upstate in 2012 to out perform the degree I earned. That summer we lost Trayvon Martin, I say we in respect to his immediate family but he felt like one of us. With my love for the arts and it's transformative power, the power to create, I decided that my dying contribution to the world would be bring light to the continual unseen people's in this country. Art plus purpose with a focus on building community would bring us forward, I believed. Two years later I discovered that, in addition, the issue is even much deeper. Mental health wasn't a focus in our communities. However, people still are creating programs, governing, executing the law, and doing so much with the idea of progress but not fully equipped. So now I share healing, art, and liberation with a focus of community building. Welcome to my world. - Shemuel