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In South Carolina, we currently work in Spartanburg, Greenville, Seneca, Newberry, Columbia, Florence, Charleston, Pawley's Island, and Beaufort. Our facilitators have traveled to Los Angeles and Santa Monica, California to share our approach, as well as consulting with communities in Michigan and Texas!
The universe is abundant. Think without limits but be practical in action.

In honor of Black History Month, we're celebrating a few of the amazing Black Artists who call Spartanburg their home. G. Lorenzo Teasley II - Shemu'el Namaste Shemu'el Namaste is the founder and...


I set a goal for myself when I graduated from University of South Carolina Upstate in 2012 to out perform the degree I earned. That summer we lost Trayvon Martin, I say we in respect to his immediate family but he felt like one of us. With my love for the arts and it's transformative power, the power to create, I decided that my dying contribution to the world would be bring light to the continual unseen people's in this country. Art plus purpose with a focus on building community would bring us forward, I believed. Two years later I discovered that, in addition, the issue is even much deeper. Mental health wasn't a focus in our communities. However, people still are creating programs, governing, executing the law, and doing so much with the idea of progress but not fully equipped. So now I share healing, art, and liberation with a focus of community building. Welcome to my world. - Shemuel

trust not a soul a soul with no sight

You don’t know what it is like..

To live a life of mistakes on the stage for people to see

To experience reject at stage where we cleave

You don’t know what its like

To desire everything but your own

Thus your own doesn’t desire you

You don’t know what its like

To know in the dark is where the gold is

but somebody has to get to it

You don’t know what its like

to cry for help but people just tell you “keep going you’re fine, you’ll do great things”

And then you hate yourself for even asking

You don’t know what its like

to know you must provide but with what

You don’t know what its like to see yourself as piece of shit

but also overrstand our waste blossoms the most colorful gardens but who wants the shit?

You don’t know what its like to look for everything but love

You don’t know what its like to wake up every morning unsure of yourself

and someone also unsure of you but in fear of letting you go

So we substitute love for control

You don’t know what it is like to pray today is the day God brings you home

and wake up back in the same cell of toxicity You know?

You have no idea because what your friends told you and what social media says but yet to experience

You know feeling but you lie to feeling for what you know

You see but do not know

You hear but can not distinguish

You don’t know the half

to experience rage in high forms and you tell yourself “smile.. its not that serious”

You have no idea but the ideas I just expressed

The picture I just gave, the Picasso with many vantage points

but who asks the creator WHY?