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Shoutout to the god ANTONIO MODESTO MILIAN
📸: FRANKIE Zombie


(shot by ATOM BLK)

I had the privilege and honor to host this years #ASUMMIT, an introspective conference, held at Zen Greenville and coordinated by ABevy Productions. ATOM BLK and I had an idea to showcase what goes on prior and meet some of the dopest people in this years event. Hope you enjoy!




What it means? This state of reality, decipher ancient falisies.. my therapist said “Shem you have a tough decision to make” little does he know that’s been my whole life.. this state of reality where pain doesn’t persist enough.. caught between the difference of love and attachment.. many times I ponder will this 45 just drain the swamp? This state of reality.. do they want me for me? Or the potential of what I can provide… Well the record shows the latter.. and I’m trying to access a higher power… Shemssss

Men, Alpha Men, have been bred for ages to believe work was their validation point. When work slows up or what they can bring to the table becomes diminished the insecurities show up inside. Those same men however were not equally taught in what to do with that feeling. Thus, pride becomes their defense mechanism like a cobras venom and the venom eats from the inside festering some of the most toxic behaviours.

Information on this subject came from conversation I’ve had with stated men.

ALRIGHT SO BOOM.. you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to right? If you are following me on Instagram, then you know I’ve been quite busy (watch my stories). From the Black Excellence Community Gala to A. Bevy’s Pursuit Summit Experience (pictured above, see ATOM BLK’s photo recap here) its been a passionate and exciting ride.

Planning meetings and consulting meetings, some paid some not so much, its been challenging keeping up with it all at once actually. I need a business manager actually so if you know someone looking to work tell them to reach out to me! I’ve been told recently “How do you find the energy, you work as if you still hungry”. Listen… I’m mad hungry. My life is drastically changing, recently separated yet very amicably its been tough fighting through emotions and still creating. People still think I should work for free. Even worse, ask to sit down to discuss ideas that they will later use to make money off of; while I hope I can afford to feed myself. Fighting depression in still moments and wind up just fighting the air. But I stay focused on what I can control.

(HAD LOUNGE, SPARTANBURG, SC Spoken Word performance 7.19; ATOM BLK photo crew)

In the meantime, so many have rallied around me and poured into me. I’ve have the realest conversations and people have actually uplifted me and pushed me to be myself. Its been love. I’ve seen the highs and the lows. I’m putting all of that into my creativity. Some of my best work will be released soon. Just wait and see. So I’m telling YOU to keep going! Take care of yourself. Build a circle of love and be YOU.

P.S. I love that lady. Don’t get me twisted on your own ideologies. Video Blog coming soon. MTI coming soon. ITM coming soon. We don’t do it for fame. We do it for Culture.

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