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Pressure Ent.  

NEW JABEZ & WORDPLAY LUCK from the Pressure Ent crew. A slight birdie says an EP coming in APRIL 2019!

What if I told you brothers of different corners of the community are coming together to acknowledge excellence. BLACK excellence. Would you in your woke-self, investing in black businesses and ideas self… Sponsor? 👇🏾

if I have to fight with you to understand how to love me.. what’s the point? When there’s an abundance of love elsewhere? Good point.

TopShelf and Affiliates Vol. 1 OUT NOW!!

Happy Birthday to my bro Lee 🎥. There are few people in this world that is as genuine as he is man.. true renaissance man and rare breed. 🙏🏾



Dopeness from Doc and Cam, Respect-N-Salute.. did some consulting on it with the god Atom BLK

Respect-N-Salute on set for upcoming video

Such a ride this thing we call life huh? Do we really properly communicate our evolution? The thing that you know changed within yourself but you are limited by others perspective? Some call it love. Idk 🤷🏽‍♂️


Congratulations to Courtney Williams and Alexis Troy on their engagement!!

I’m learning to communicate. And not care of the preconceived notions.. You’re emotional self is important to acknowledge in a healthy manner.

How artists are collectively working together is a blessing!

Athena Willow and ShAy Black pictured here for Athena’s sermon at Unitarian Universalist Church 2.24.19 BOOK “The Soulful Vegan” RETREAT NOW!

We raise our value together. There are some amazing opportunities to build here locally in the Upstate. TCG,aka “The Community Group”, In The Middle, JetLagTv and countless amount of programming that address a range of causes.. but the actual thing that will propel us is being able to feel… Don’t let them numb you from the connection. Remember why we started!! There will be mistakes but it’s needed to improve all ideas 💡

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