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I’m woke af.. curator.. advocate.. full hue-man


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Taping first show in over a year.. welcome back #MTI x RnS


I'm in a space where I'm no longer afraid or have fears about what the future holds... I just don't know what it will look like but I'm welcoming it at this point.


from the mystic..



When you know you’re damaged you stop damaging others.

10/24 was messing with my flow and my site couldn't update properly excuse the gap in time.. keep checking back I'll fill you in on what happened


Alot of things can happen but what won't happen is you out working me





When bae is a top photographer in the game





What's sad is that in these times; having experience or time spent in a particular craft means nothing to the masses. There was a time people who spent hours organizing voter registration drives, speaking with youth, demonstrating and assembling for a cause, going to school board meetings, and doing everything to engage the system for those who are being oppressed; voice counted for something. Like going to a podiatric doctor to heal your foot was a thing, now its just go to social media for clips. And those who actually spent time researching and organizing based on research are labeled the "doing too much" crowd. I'm quite certain if Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Bayard Rustin, Fannie Lou, Shirley Chisolm were organizing today in their youth, they would be the "doing too much" crowd... and maybe they were then and that story wasn't being told.


In any community that raises the idea of being oppressed or marginalized, they set the standard of what is permitted or not permitted. Many times companies would spend hours and hours of research and focus groups to ensure that every angle, every possibility, and thought process is covered. You won't find any companies hinting at the idea that Hitler was right. You won't find any marketing companies hinting toward offending anyone with a sexual preference.. however when it comes to BLACK.. it's "oh I'm sorry thats not what we meant" Its up to us to decide what is insensitive, or what offends based on our plight here in America. A person who has been abused and battered know what triggers their fear and they have the right to say "stop that shit it offends me regardless of what you intended"



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The Aries Full Moon on October 5th is going to be helping us come face to face with the obstacles that are holding us back in life. We all have obstacles that prevent us from doing what we want or from moving forward in our lives.


Some gems for yall today. Feast.

Art of Rap 2? 👀

New gifts from friends. I realized I'm getting more books from people than anything else 🤔 Am I attracting new ways of thinking? I think so…





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