Deep consciousness and liberation are inseparable. One can not exist without the other.
I am a walking affirmation - Thought


2018 Workshops I’m working on:

Cultural Intelligence - knowledge or skills relating to the arts, intellectual achievements, and various diverse groups

Cultural Sensitivity - awareness to the sensitivities relating to the arts, intellectual achievements, and various diverse groups

My time is almost up.. I'm just watching the clock... I'm too ready but this is an exercise of sticking to the plan.... sticking


I sit in a space like 'fu... I'm going to let all these people down' how can I further vanish away from their expectations
Have is a possessive word. When people stop looking at people as a “have” .. we will the liberate people from the thought of our earthly possessions.. when you use "my" think.. are you applying this adjective or possessive noun to something else that lives.. thinks... feels.. has their own anxieties? So can you really control that? Partner with people along their walk.. don't try to control where they go..



Perfect time to bring the durag out. After a fresh cut. Snowed in. House to myself?! As an Aquarian this is what lit iz.


MEET THE INNOVATORS Ep 2 featuring Khemo dropping at 7pm. 🍻 to the weekend


What I don't understand is how people can make faces, joke, cast blame and just say 'this is how I am' and then call disrespect when you be yourself... like where's the line? People quick to try to change me but I ain't gonna let them from here on out. I got a couple words that rhyme with stuck em..


I understand, sometimes our viewpoints are just our own. But also understand balance because what you decide to do with your thumbs can destroy what others do with their feet.



vibes circa november


This super moon tho... gorgzzz

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