perspectives, thoughts and more under the constellation Aquarius


Grateful for those who pour into me, trust and send overwhelming amounts of love.. excited for the manifestations


FRIDAY EVE Question of the Week: Can EMPATHY handicap you? Can you feel for other and yet harm yourself?


real love has no boundaries.. and brings no pain



that I be pleasing to the Divine.. one with all and a master of self #PipYear
All the love I received today has been quite incredible. Taking time to just slow things down and just reflect has been such a gem.


Thankful for everyone who made it out to #TrapBrunch this morning. It was our first one and we were able to see what works and what doesn't. Overall Homecoming was a success #USCUHC2K18. But we have room to build


I love my friends


You ever felt defeat at a level where YOU KNOW people won't understand if you told them whats the issue. And you just gotta eat the pain? That level defeat just sucks the life out of you.


man listen Quincy Jones..
Now tell me again its just Instagram or Twitter... run me the coin


You know what's funny I follow a few people that do alot of traveling and island hopping all that however in the same space have very miserable petty posts. I used to believe the things make you more happy and enjoy life.. what I really believe now is happiness is internal first.


I see alot of "Trap-N-Paint" and "Sip and Paint" events these days around here. I hope whoever backs these events actually BOOKS PAINTERS. Don't use art as a money grab. Hell don't ever just use art. Let those who sweat and bleed the craft actually connect to those looking to learn and enjoy the craft.



You can't tell me there isn't a black arts renaissance in the Upstate.. and in the state? Mannnnnn... But think about 10 years ago... Grateful.


We all want growth. Well most of us. What we don't know is what it will look like. Fear keeps us from going through the challenge of growth. Fear just tells you there's danger. So just proceed with wisdom but still proceed.



it took 31 days to be annoyed with people in 2018.. I wonder who I annoy.. no I don't
My focus over the next few: Recognize the difference between euphoria and delusion, focus on the seed planting to reap latter harvests, mental self-preservation


I don't do much talking. I'm introspective most thoughts I share are just thoughts and emotions. I'm an air sign. I'm about action. Get it done. Most people who know me personally will tell you I rarely discuss what I'm involved with, most just see the manifestation, because all that extra stuff slows me down.
Thoughts on the JAY Z snub: Never forget JAY-Z openly boycotted the Grammys (following Will Smith's lead in 89) during his commercial height FOR SIX YEARS (1998-2004). Even though he has won 21! He's thrown numerous bars at the Grammys. Grammys wanted to humble him. I mean the content on 444 is so anti-establishment and no black man in America is supposed to have that type of confidence and stature above the establishment. Yes Jigga does imply to get bank loans and open up businesses that will help the market place, which is establishment, thats beside the point. They knew his speech would be something clipped up and passed around and frankly they wanted to do the sonning.. "here's the front row Jigga as you requested now nigga don't ask for anything else"


Lupe is better than YOUR favorite rapper

Stepping into Monday like..

Schedule Your Hosting, Marketing, Event Consultation today



🗣Chicken & Waffles .. Premium Beverages .. Music .. Vendors/Art .. Spades .. Karaoke .. Vibes to end the perfect Homecoming!! THE OFFICIAL #USCUHC2K18 DAY PARTY: DAYLITT: #TrapBrunch Sunday 02.11.18 11-4p


Mood af.

Good morning! May love find you and may you become enlightened by your experience that you embody love 🌞🌤


I acknowledge the achievements of artists but c'mon Drake breaking streaming records of a single in this climate means little to nothing for an artist of his stature. Its seems alil easy to game the system, not saying he and his team does this, but once youre popular..... its not a true indicator of a quality song. Especially jacking Carti adlib swag.. thats what we should focus on here
The same elders back in 2008 telling the youth to not text and drive, in 2018 are texting while driving.. stay woke


Blessed to co-facilitate with "demblackmamas'" Crystal Irby, and Family Therapist Dr. Chuku for SDB's Beyond Diversity and Inclusion at Furman University Feb. 6th! SZNNNNNN
From your viewpoint it may appear easy, but from mine there's alot of second guessing, procrastination, fear and guilt.. but I press forward like my life depends on it. Because it does. 🏺🌊


the things that float across in my brain man.. Renewing my mind is a every second process otherwise...... destruction
An Aquarius knows things. You can trust them. -K. Iverson


This weekend was a blessing. Everyday is a blessing, this weekend was a blessing that I recognized (had to auto correct myself) Being acknowledged for 2018 Excellence Award by my peers, people who hands go in the dirt WITH ME, means so much more than people who just look from afar. The thing that makes me superbly happy however, is going to a workshop about building wealth coordinated by someone who came from #AGEOLD to build something on her own! Leaving there and heading to another program being run by another who came from our fold to start her own modeling firm. I heard its about 'building people' and establishing strong relationships. The thing I ask them, 'What are we learning about the process of creation and implementation?'



Durag SZN courtesy of @SapientSoul

Durag SZN courtesy of @SapientSoul



You honestly thought the govt would place it's fate in the hands of people who don't fully research? People that it knows it poorly educates?
Been seeing the number 11 alot and attracting it as well 🤔