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So much pain… but we continue on.


Sometimes I don't think people understand the amount of effort I put into the things we have touched. Like on a OFF day I'm putting out a fire on one event, encouraging staffers, then I'm sent information on another potential event to work on. On top of that, another event is offered to me via text message and it's in 3 weeks. Oh yea I'm appearing on a podcast that I almost forgot. An off day….


Stepped out to the Soul Bash like…





It feels heavy. Like something is weighing on me. Sending prayers and light to you all.



If you can't be real with the folks you eat, sleep, and pose in pictures with.. you don't have a family, crew, or whatever the term is..

It amazes me how many God-fearing, God believing Christian based “believers” that still blame other people for their insecurities and shortcomings. Like is Yah in control or nah? Or is it just something religion told you it was safe to believe in but inside of you really don't believe in. Can't straddle the fence.. well you could but that would be painful


Congratulations to Tre and Ke.. they my folk

My mans turned his house into an art gallery…

HBD to RCD! Love you brother


I hate feelings. I wish I didn't have them. I know that will make me a sociopath or whatever some white man told us it is.. but I hate em.

The best advice I give my young Queens is “boss up”


It's… Ugh nvm


Man listen, I saw a video today of a budding comedian who is using her phone to make jokes about her experiences at black owned businesses. Ok first I know she was joking., but I also know her critiques and other critiques of black businesss are unfair. I mean technically speaking SHE is a black businesswoman. Could a well established comedian look at her sideways for doing comedy on her phone? Could that come across "cheap?”

Black people make up less than 20% percent of the population as a whole, and own less than 10% of the market share in the country. Most cities the businesses that do open do not recieve major support from chamber of commerces, have huge pools to network with, and/or still developing; staffing less than 10 people. Its already difficult enough to maneveur through the streets without being killed much less run a business.

And the comparison to white-majority-owned business is so vast of course many of their establishments are in good settings, have the professionalism and the staff to accommodate customers. They HAVE A SYSTEM THAT SERVES THEIR NEEDS!

Most people that have these critiques never ran a business themselves. They don't understand the difficulty of maintaining a schedule when you don't have customers. They don't understand even reaching a group outside of your family and friends. They don't understand some who want to market their product to the majority of folks who don't look like them. Mark Zuckerberg stole email addresses at Harvard, created a social platform inserted the email addresses to get people to sign up and voila Facebook. If a black man did that you think he would be praised or prosecuted?

Do we need to improve collectively? of course! But do you see Jews blasting other Jews downing their businesses? Ponder it

Sanskrit is the primary liturgical language of Hinduism; a philosophical language of Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, and Jainism; and a literary language and lingua franca of ancient and medieval India and Nepal. - or asiatic cultures

We must. I mean MUST. Appreciate women more. Stop the bullshit. Shiiiii…. I’ve probably gotten in trouble for appreciating them too much. Take some of this energy.



after the greeks raided the knowledge of your ancestors separate but equal founders built New World the same disconnected indigenous became disingenuous now politick for letters playing their game who taught you to that your forefathers weren't good enough and a pale ale taste sweet? your processes came from false masters and you crucify each other just to lay next to 'em in the sheets

I get excited when my friends give me gifts to feed the soul.

the issue we have here regarding Vick/Kap situation (coming from someone who is looking to avoid the situation) is while the media, primarily social media, want your focus on two brothers viewpoints instead of the actual issue: old white men that own teams executing unfair judgement upon players that don't look like them and no one holding them accountable.

now Vick was Atlanta as Atlanta could be: braids, hip-hop in his scrambles from 300 pound linemen, throwing it with his eyes closed. He got caught doing something that his culture raised and was penalized severely for it. They broke his pride and told him his culture was evil. Vick is a father and a husband and if you remember the story, he financed a whole tribe. They took everything he worked hard for on the field. Then dangled the carrot knowing he had to work. Except it came with strings attached. I'm sure his agent told him “you have an image problem". Vick made a decision. Vick only knows his story. And that story keeps giving him pain.

Kapernick ain't worried about being signed. The media wants you to think so. SO YOU can be mad. Kapernick is doing applause worthy deeds that will be repaid. You know "the last shall be first and first shall be last” type deeds. You know "its better to give than recieve” type deeds. You know “doing to others as you would have done unto you” type deeds. You know turning negative energy into light type deeds. See Kapernick has tapped into the knowledge and the practices of his ancestors. Ancestors that could control the wind with science. Ancestors that could tell the waters to be still. Whats a football to that?


Most people want the moment or opportunity but most are also unprepared for the opportunity. So the opportunity never presents itself or they can't recognize it. - Shemuel

7/18 🤴🏽👸🏾🌺



I'm appreciative of my life. I'm grateful for the talents Jah bless me with. We are all gifts for gifts. Uniquely gifted and sometimes new gifts are being discovered. Some don't have names. Because man made language can't define it. And if they can't define it, it never exists. And hence…. ✌🏽


SoulsNSubstance was amazing as usual. Jah bless the creative Kayla “@_MaryStCloud”. Dope Black King read the god. Said things are going very well.. focus on the Queen and listen more to those creatives around me. One time for Pat. HBD bro.


Covert Genocide/Peace Prodigy now gods/manipulated masses on the grand stand/ entertainment by flaws / the city life grand but the country life bitter/ I guess Jigga solves the question of who the niggas/Victor gets the spoils and the state water down yours / on the 13 we established from gourds - Shemuel
TOO HIGH TO RIOT still was the best hip-hop album of 2016. Bas. Dreamville



Felt like shooting a selfie y'all way. I'm hue-man. This is my throne.. well hers but I'm sitting in it. I means ours, I suck at this.

Sometimes I fight myself.. “did I reveal too much or not enough”.. I love and I discipline. But I can not deny what I love


#MULLEIN for your respiratory problems :) Asthma easing tinture making #Thatherbalistlife - @lyla_flower


It's the battle of selves when you find the highs and lows in life. Sometimes I'm winning the fight for good then at times I'm losing. But I'm fighting for balance and the light when it's all said and done. For love.

You got people paying 200 plus dollars a night for four days to see Tony Robbins speak.. no one utters a word but a man shares his wisdom over music after giving us pure game about ways to build community and we murder each other for it? Still n…


I have lost much more than I have gained. I'm just figuring out that was the point.


Man its tough outchea.. the fact that I live in the future but my present suffering. That many mock me for my journey but still settle for a discipline that they know isnt serving their overall needs and they mask their suffering with planes and illusions. It's tough outchea.. doing work of liberation of self and pseudo intellectuals continual fall to the trap of white supremacy but ego has them in a paradise of their own prisons. It's tough for real. Seeing posts everyday of people crying for help and your ego says “this is your moment to help” but you know they are the same ones who mock you and will never listen. It's tough that the people you love are trapped in a spiritual system that was perverted by captors whose ancestors pillaged original knowledge that you now implement but is seen as a joke to those who are suffering the same. Man outchea… It's tough. But this journey is for you. And you only.

Sidenote: King Arthur the movie uses alot of ancient African spirituality.

The God Box, JID’s joints, 444, J. Cole, K. Dots projects, Vince Staples.. conscious rap cool again aye? That whole ideology that gangsta rap.. nvm. Hip-Hop has been great for sure… now the old head complaining groups will say differently because their perception is guided by the industry with they “free-thinking” selves..


Never worry or be concerned about things you can’t control. Focus on your level of responsibility and if you have done right about YOUR part, trust the over all process that the outside variables will fall into their respective places. It keeps you lighter. IMO

gratitude is such an underrated concept. I feel like it is the womb of abundance.
Hate to cover this up but.. new work coming soon! #JacksonArt #spartanburg #Ageold -Sterlin


As I sit here in this space, I stretch, reflect on how through all the obstacles I'm here still. There are loved ones around me that want to see me succeed. There are tools available to use to increase my faculties. I must, I'm compelled to give gratitude to the universe and the creator. Just breathe out. Focusing further.. still miss my sister though
Aquarius dress in a way that reflects their unique and unusual personalities

“La la la laaaaa”


take this time. breathe in 3 seconds.. release for 6 seconds.. breathe in 6 and release for 8. press play👇🏽


Rahm should be prosecuted for domestic terrorism.



Dawg this is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥@SheHatesJacoby

Keep pushing my G..🤙🏽

Don't rush the future, it's there for a reason. Your present is your gift, act like it and show up in each moment. - FIRE

Keep pushing my G..🤙🏽

At the end of the day all you want is someone to say “I understand” even it's a lie..


HEY GOD gets a release date: 8/17/17 SAMPSIN GREY 🎧

Man I run with a pack of ninjas.. how you going to have Thich Nhat Hanh, Audre Lorde, and James Baldwin in your facilitators trainings in the foundational documentation 😱


So I made the already stellar JAY Z album.. a step further..

Ahhh….. does God light up the 🌲 ?


all the vibes from last month..